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July 18, 2008

Kucinich’s virtue

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Dennis Kucinich’s move to impeach Bush is advancing surprisingly far. I figure the last president something like this happened to was… Bill Clinton.

But really, this is rare. It takes a lot of malcontentedness with a current President to have a Representative stick his own neck out to bring articles of impeachment (or, in Bill Clinton’s case, a shameless roster of GOP opportunists, and not just a couple of closet homosexuals and philanderers among them).

Scarcely a word of this comes from any top news source, however. A search of Kucinich on the websites of CNN, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal (the first three sites I tried) return no result more recent than June 24. The AP, to its credit, does have a pretty good explanatory story up, hosted here in one place. The Nation has a more penetrating bit on it.

Practically, this measure going to be fruitless. There’s really just no time left in Bush’s term to do something like this. And impeachment of the President, well, that’s a big move. It’s difficult to support something that extreme, but, as I said today in the Red & Black, we should be open to all sorts of options, and not dismiss something that extreme just because it’s extreme.

But I do admire Kucinich for his courage. While I disagree vehemently with his ideas on healthcare, taxes, education, and what all else, he is stalwart in his defense of civil liberties, and clear in his opposition to the Iraq War. It is easier to deal with someone whom you can trust to be speaking the truth than someone whose words may be no good six months down the line. If all Congressmen were like him in this way, we would have far fewer problems.

Here he is, almost speaking poetry in a place such as the floor of Congress:


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