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August 22, 2008

miscellany for today

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Looking over drudge right now:



thank you for pointing this out, matt (drudge). apparently Time has not learned from their readers’ letters, which I commented on in an earlier post.  expect any time now for them to change their name to the Obama Weekly.


HALLMARK Introduces: Gay marriage cards...

what a cool milestone.  but don’t look for them in georgia.


California to probe Sen. Schumer over bank run?

did chuck schumer provoke a bank run?  it’s a surprising story: the letter he wrote in june, about the supposed mismanagement of indymac, is now alleged by former executives of that bank to have caused their collapse when it was printed far and wide in the press.  the surprising thing in that story is that it seems he didn’t actually mean to have that letter reported in the media, which is naturally what everyone (me, anyway) assumed.  but copies of it were actually circulated to media by a washington pr firm, one which also helped circulate a 2004 book about how john kerry was a terrible, reckless, arrogant, unpatriotic, cowardly, evil swift boat captain (unfit for command, or something like it).

at any rate, i find it a little hard to believe that a single letter like this caused such a bank run, though i suppose it could have contributed.


as a bonus, while doing some “research” for this post, i wandered far afield into the surreal nether-regions of conservapedia, and found these illuminating gems in the article on “deceit:”

Christianity and Judaism teach that deceit is wrong. For example, the Old Testament says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”[2] Public schools, in contrast, do not teach that deceit is wrong.

Democratic Senator and Presidential candidate Joe Biden is listed on for his widely publicized copying from British liberal Neil Kinnock and then pawning it off as his own, and then initially denying he had done anything wrong. The resultant exposure of his unacknowledged appropriation of Kinnock’s work forced Biden out of the 1988 presidential race,[10] but liberals have continued to support him as a U.S. Senator and do not seem to mind his prior deceit one bit.

Conducting experiments and claiming their results prove that evolution is real, when in fact, they do not [is an example of deceit].

oh, i see now, so purposeful deception is a part of the liberal doctrine, and liberals are the cause of all the world’s problems through deceit, as well as their other frustrating beliefs and practices, which also include “Calling anyone they agree with a ‘professor’ regardless of whether he earned that distinction based on a real peer review of his work (see, e.g., Richard Dawkins and Barack Obama).”  it’s all so clear now.


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