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September 2, 2008

James Dobson, about Sarah Palin: “I’d pull that lever.”

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The first thing I thought when I saw the news of John McCain’s vice presidential pick, before Combinatorics on Friday, was “Who the hell is Sarah Palin?” I still don’t really know, and still don’t see why she is a viable candidate for the Vice President. Sure, she’s been Governor of Alaska for a year and a half, but what exactly does that entail? Alaska ranks 47 in terms of population, and its government is in the unique position of getting most of its state revenue from sale of oil, so much so that instead of having an income tax, each resident actually gets money back from the government through the Alaska Permanent Fund. So it seems that the experience you get from governing Alaska probably is not that applicable to governing the whole country, or even most other states in the union.

McCain’s pick is totally transparent to me (he’s hoping to capture the supposed cache of disaffected Hillary voters by putting a woman on the ticket, while simultaneously adding “diversity” to the ticket), but it appears a lot of Republicans actually like her. I dearly hope this backfires in McCain’s face–it’s just a totally senseless pick, and her only qualifiers are hotness and spunk.

And apparently her teenage daughter is knocked up. Obama today displayed a lot of decorum by refusing to make an issue out of this. Good for him; it shouldn’t be an issue. But I wonder how the Republicans would behave if one of Obama’s daughters was pregnant. Answer that for yourself.


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  1. Good points, Matt. And the values voters seem quite enthralled by Gov Palin.

    This horse race is something of a competition issuing from the collective unconscious – as it happens sometimes we must answer such Qs as: am I my brother’s keeper? (Aug 29, 2005+…and the Rs said, No. It would soil their pretty minds.)

    Certain archetypes/myths are being held right in front of our faces so now’s the time to shine a light on them – doing so makes them shrink like the Wizard of Oz’s wicked witch (and kind of waxy like that.)

    That’s where astrology can help. Hope to post something concerning the now-forming Sun/Saturn conjunction which cozies up with transiting Apollo (active during Obama’s speech at the ‘Parthenon’ as you might imagine)intime for John McCain’s speech Thursday pm or whenever they offer it.

    (Am adding your blog under Politics since we’re all under its thumb so why not? ‘Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims’ and i suspect Orwell might agree.)

    There’s an interesting myth or two about Apollo, who was also known for founding colonies. Yes, as in, America.

    And everyone is feeling now the importance of the formalized ritualization which certain members of the collective are performing within their secret gatherings.

    They just have odd ways of letting the rest of us know…

    Please type more! jude

    Comment by judecowell — September 2, 2008 @ 3:45 am | Reply

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