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September 12, 2008

I should work at the NYTimes instead of some of the people they have there.

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The author of this NY Times “news” “article” is not aware that the word “existential” has a meaning besides referring to the modernist school of thought cognizant of the absence of real meaning in life. Apparently neither were any of the copy editors or desk editors.

His was a tricky course to navigate. If Mr. Gibson were too soft, Democrats would accuse him of being afraid of the Republican news-media-bashing machine, which has been scouring the press and Senator Barack Obama’s speeches for any hint of sexism or elitism. If his questions were too tough, he would be very likely to stir up charges of sexism or elitism. While his questions were trenchant, they were fair game; he was careful in the first day of interviews not to ask anything too frivolous (there were no questions about lipstick, pigs or juggling family and career). But his attitude was at times supercilious: He asked if a nuclear Iran posed an “existential threat” to Israel, as if it were the land of Sartre, not Sabras.

It saddens me more, though, that the media has been reduced to covering itself covering the election. Grow some balls, ok, media?


At least the Onion’s still serving up existentialism done right. Waiting for the next Onion article does give my life some hope, much more than waiting for the next depressing sign of a totally impotent news media.

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