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December 20, 2008

this week’s newsweek: not so bad

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I’m back home for Christmas break, and used today to thumb through Newsweek.  Happily, this week’s cover story was much more relevant, well-researched, and necessary.  It tells the personal story of Thomas Tamm, the government official who first leaked to the press the existence of the NSA wiretapping/domestic spying program.  Since making his one stand before the US government, his life has become something of a maelstrom — his house has been raided, employment has been scarce, and he knows he’s under investigation at the highest levels of the FBI.  He could be arrested at any time, but as of yet has not been.  The costs of standing up to the government have been tremendous — not only to him, but to his family, friends, and other past associates.

Robert Samuelson, meanwhile, finally gives a sensible perspective in a mainstream outlet on what lobbying really is, and why it should not be looked down on in a democracy.

On the page facing his commentary, though, is an entirely wrong-headed piece by a former Clinton economic official.  The sub-headline about encapsulates the story.  It begins promisingly, saying, “World leaders have spent trillions on confused, inadequate rescue plans,” but from this reaches what seems to me the most bafflingly backwards of conclusions: “They need to spend more.”  Consider this in light of the story I just posted, and read the rest if you want.  We do not run the risk of inflation, we ensure it; it’s already happened.


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