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January 12, 2009

Small thinking: Obama’s one downfall

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After reading this story today, I think I’ve realized Obama’s flaw, the one thing he lacks that is keeping him from solving the economic crisis with the snap of a finger today while acting only as the president-elect:  he is fatally prone to thinking too small.

President-elect Obama raised the jobs forecast for his stimulus plan from 3 million to as many as 4 million on Saturday, upping the ante of his economic blueprint for the second time in three weeks.

During the campaign, Obama had promised 1 million new jobs over an unspecified time. He bolstered that to saving or creating 2.5 million over two years in his radio address just before Thanksgiving. Then for Sunday papers the weekend before Christmas, aides said he had raised the target to 3 million, based on bleak new forecasts from economists.

Why wait until now to announce that your plan will create 3-4 million jobs?  You’re holding us back Obama.  Why didn’t you just say you’d create 3-4 million jobs at the start?  Better yet, why stop there?  If we can add that many jobs productively, why can’t we add double that amount?  10 times?  I won’t be silent until Obama spends 40 million jobs into existence!


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