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January 11, 2009

George the giant lobster

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Here’s the top story from today’s CNN AM Quick News email, which summarizes news from around the world each day:

George the giant lobster liberated from restaurant

NEW YORK (CNN) — A giant lobster named George escaped a dinner-table fate and was released Saturday into the Atlantic Ocean after a New York seafood restaurant granted him his freedom, according to a statement from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

George the lobster was a "sort of mascot" for City Crab and Seafood in New York.

George the lobster was a “sort of mascot” for City Crab and Seafood in New York.

The lobster, which PETA said was 140 years old and weighed 20 pounds, had been confined to a tank at City Crab and Seafood restaurant in Manhattan when two customers alerted the animal group.

The PETA statement did not say how the extraordinary age estimate was determined, but restaurant manager Keith Valenti told CNN that lobsters can grow a pound every seven to 10 years, and he put George’s weight at 18 to 20 pounds.

“I’ve been here for 12 years, and that’s the biggest lobster I’ve ever seen,” Valenti said.

He said the lobster had been “sitting in the restaurant’s tank and acting as a sort of mascot,” but when PETA got involved and requested the release, it “seemed like the right thing to do.”

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement, “We applaud the folks at City Crab and Seafood for their compassionate decision to allow this noble old-timer to live out his days in freedom and peace.

“We hope that their kind gesture serves as an example that these intriguing animals don’t deserve to be confined to tiny tanks or boiled alive.”

Shedding the tight confines of his old restaurant display tank, George was driven to Maine by PETA members and was returned to his natural habitat on the ocean floor Saturday, the organization said.

It is heartwarming, I suppose, that a possibly 140-year-old lobster finally is getting to experience the ocean, but I don’t know how CNN determined this to be today’s biggest, most important story.  I also don’t know why I still get that e-mail.


September 28, 2008

In case anyone was wondering what Jack Cafferty thinks of Sarah Palin

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So he does do something more than read viewer email!

In all seriousness, he’s right, though.

August 24, 2008

Old-skool style

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I’ve got two actual substantive posts on the backburner right now; haven’t had time to write them up since Friday.  For now, though, I have to wonder if CNN’s headline writers have been listening to a lot of Sugarhill Gang lately:

Analysis: Biden gives Obama old-school cred

Sen. Joe Biden was chosen Saturday as Barack Obama's running mate. 

When I think old school, it’s not Joe Biden I think of, it’s this:

Or maybe they just attended a lecture from DMC, as I will be doing this Tuesday night.

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